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About Procuratio

Value chain and action flow
Development projects and programs, rules, regulations and individual business agreements are always made in function of certain objectives. In order to reach these objectives, a number of contracts, actions or tasks have to be fulfilled.

All these actions form a “value chain”. PROCURATIO wants to manage the interaction and transition between the various stages of the “value chain” to perfection, in order to reach the highest efficiency in fulfillments.

Current reality and critical findings
However, as a rule, fulfillment processes are currently carried out:
  • fragmented, as apposed to “value chain” and “action flow” driven,
  • in the interest of the business objectives of the parties in charge of the various subfulfillment phases,
  • using traditional communication and file management,
  • supported only by fragmented “back-office” IT with its typical inflexibility.
This classic way of dealing with fulfillment systematically results in undue delays because of duplicate actions, tedious communication and information exchanges as well as cumbersome administrative file management.

The Procuratio solution
The PROCURATIO approach eliminates these inefficiencies and provides solutions for continuous performance management, using a web-based platform. This approach results in overall transparency, enhanced risk management, shortened fulfillment cycles and improved quality of delivery, including the necessary emphasis on training capacities.

PROCURATIO works with branch offices employing local talents and operates with full commitment to full ownership to the beneficiary.

The dedicated systems built by PROCURATIO are transferred to the beneficiary immediately after their implementation. During the full design, implementation and first operations phase, the beneficiary will work closely together with a PROCURATIO specialist. During the implementation phase PROCURATIO intends to fully transfer technology to the beneficiary. PROCURATIO will further invest a great deal of time and energy in capacity building, which is necessary for operating the system. After conclusion PROCURATIO will remain fully available as a dedicated help desk in support of the beneficiary.
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